2019 poll is a win-win game for AAC, PDP or APC – Ayodeji Sodiq

Irrespective of our political ideologies, propagandas, blackmailing and agenda, 2019 general elections will be very tasking and challenging for the ruling party. My analysis as a common country man is that “the candidates from other parties might be considered irrelevant but if there is fairplay and credibility, the generation of young people will vote massively for Omoyele Soworo of Sahara Reporters either he will emmerge or loose while H.E Atiku Abubakar and Obi shall wax stronger from the South-south, North and some part of the west. For the sitting president PMB- president Mohammodu Buhari of APC and Yemi Oshinbajo, if all things being equal, they will get certain percentage of votes from every parts of the country but my careful observation is a divide and rule. Either we give our analysis or not, one thing that is certain is that “one winner will emmerge”

If we are sure of that assertion, engaging in violence against each other because of about 31 presidential candidates, house of representatives, house of Assemblies and senatorial Districts does not worth it. Let’s hope further that 2019 polls is another important part of our transitional experience to keep growing as an independent nation. We should shun violence and vote for candidates of our choice. No one should be to aggressive to an extent of causing harm to his fellow Nigerians.

Let us #VoteNotViolence #NoVoteSelling #VoteIsYourRight.

Ayodeji Sodiq Olalekan is a broadcaster based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is popularly called JCMC, a proficient Broadcaster | Orator |Creative Content Provider| PR Professional | Social Media Strategist| Website Developer & Entrepreneur.

jcmc is a Social Media Influencer who has established credibility in Nigeria media industry. He has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.


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