Otunba Bode Oyedepo (De-Way) commends #CommunityPlatform

Otunba Bode Oyedepo (De-Way)


Otunba Bode Oyedepo (De-Way), wrote:

Gentlemen. No doubt Kayode Oyin Zubair is a politician. But the water intervention through Goal getters initiative should be commended, applaused and definitely non political. But if the rewards he gets from his efforts is the people’s goodwill, popularity among the poor and the needy who had benefited from his gestures is political upliftment and support, so be it. After all one good turn deserves another. People may judge him by his act as a non office holder performing wonders who will do more when in position of influence. That will be deserving and not opportunistic. Please let’s encourage each other in doing good for our motherland.

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