Top Fuji Star, Atawewe, gets award of recognition from ‘INRI’ Church

Famous and highly successful fuji czar, Alhaji Sulaimon Adio, popularly known as Atawewe got a surprise award of recognition from the highly revered minister of God, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, the spiritual head of ‘INRI Evangelical Mission’, Oke-Afa, Lagos on valetine’s day. The sonorous and widely travelled dancehall music act was single-handedly honoured by  INRI, among
other fuji acts, despite his muslim background.

The very elated Atawewe was cynosure ofall eyes at the filled tocapacity  INRI’s auditorium, he got a very big accolade both from the founder, church members and invited personalities.

While receiving his award presented to him by the president of Nigerian supporters Club, Dr. Rafiu Oladipupo, Atawewe also known as Baba Oloye or Etu by his teeming fans said, he was highly surprised to get an award from church, despite his muslim background.

‘ When I was informed that a church is given me an award, I was very surprised and I asked myself the reason for this. I’m a muslim, I don’t expect to get an award from church and a fuji musician for that matter, though, I have received a lot of awards, across the globe, but this is very dear to me, because it came from the house of God.

I want to enjoin other religious leaders to emulate this man of God, what he has done today would foster a peaceful co-existence among other religion belief. I had never seen a church where a muslim is sending to Mecca by the church, what I witnessed today is what every religion leaders should be doing to encourage peace and unity in the country’. Atawewe  declared.

The Egba born music act also dazzled with gospel music to the admiration of everybody, none of them  belief that the fuji star is so vast and grounded in Christian music, this earned him another accolade and respect that day.

Dr Oladipupo, who presented the award to Atawewe gave him  kudos for beigh a  good ambassador of islam,  he said what Atawewe showed that is a very talented and versatile music act. He promised his club’s support for him across the globe.

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