WORD DROP; Keep diminishing with ShakuShaku Dance- JCMCAyodeji Sodiq

Keep diminishing with ShakuShaku Dance.

While in primary school, we had CRAFT works and Art, it was a reality in totality. No wururu to the answer nor try and error method, apart from clay home work, general craft is awaiting you. Immediately after school or break time, we always set aside time to fetch clay by sea side. Teacher will reward us with marks as part of our continuous assessment. I think that’s the angle I picked interest for art works.

Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode hosts 11-year-old hyper-realist artist, Kareem Waris Olamilekan who drew a stunning portrait of French President, Emmanuel Macron in two hours on the spot during the President’s visit to the new Afrika Shrine in Lagos.

Are we encouraging our wards to be creative or we have agreed that originality has become a thing of the past?
Do we preferred them dancing Shakushaku or Lagbegbe to something else….?
I don’t dispute the fact, that there is money in entertainment but a child who doesn’t possess the traces of being creative or has the cognitive value might find it very difficult as an adult to transcends meaning to life in reality. And that may hinder his/her self-defense or reliance after teenage.

You may ask me where has my Craft and clay took me to? I won’t ague with you but I’ll reveal that from my findings, non of my peers that took those subjects very serious lives a wayward life while our counterparts who took it with levity wishes to be self reliance like us.

In this regard, I celebrate you Waris Olalekan and your parent who didn’t discourage you. Do not allow any tail to wag your dog.

To we, the Shakushaku generation, I don’t urge you to turn to an accidental Hyper realist Artist Like Waris or play with clay to mold ILE ALADODO like me, there are many other relevant hand works that can add to your value, task yourself that you’ll learn PHOTOSHOP, COREL DRAW, ACCOUNTING PEACHTREE, BEAD MAKING, PHOTOGRAPHY, Makeup, Sobo Production, Barbing cinematography, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Website Development.

You won’t diminished than to increase when you learn new trade or Craft. If you did not become what you learn later in life, the traces will add to your value.

I am JcmcAyodeji Sodiq Olalekan A herald of hope and catalyst for action.

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